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Faster access to specialist care

Tired of waiting weeks or months to see a specialist? Find the right specialist and jump the line to be seen sooner. Easily connect with them for second opinions.

See a doctor on your schedule

Your job doesn’t allow daytime visits? No problem! Make appointments that fit your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Don’t settle for less

Sometimes the best care is hundreds of miles away. No problem, when board-certified, top-rated physicians are just a video call away.

Put your mind at ease sooner

Want to discuss lab results with your doctor? Reduce stress and avoid waiting weeks or months to move forward with your health.

More regular check-ins

Check-in regularly with your doctor, keep track of any developments, so nothing falls between the cracks.

Receive care from multiple doctors

Some chronic conditions require care from different doctors. See all your doctors using this one app.

Taking care of you, Made simple.

Get consultations with top-rated doctors anytime, anywhere.
For Patients

Modern telehealth, made easy.

Connect virtually with patients anywhere and enjoy the benefits of telemedicine in your practice.
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