Great for the health of your practice and your patients

The emdee app makes excellent business sense, from maximizing your productivity, to minimizing your overheads. While improving outcomes.

Make the most of your time

Your time is precious, your expertise is invaluable. Using Emdee helps you treat more patients and improve outcomes.

  • Slot in telemedicine visits to make the most of your daily schedule.

  • Offer virtual visits to your last-minute no-shows and cancellations.

  • Discuss labs and follow-up with your patients using our app, enhancing patient care while getting paid for your time and expertise.

Strengthen relationships with your patients

Improving how you connect with patients builds rapport and loyalty. Your patients will love being offered a modern health care experience – that puts them in control of their health.

  • Offer your patients virtual consultations from the comfort and safety of their home.

  • A convenient option to offer your patients routine follow-ups or discuss lab results.

  • An easy way for you to check-in with patients based on their specific needs – to enable continuity of care.

  • Communicate directly and seamlessly with your patients, reducing back and forth.

Grow your practice at your pace

Grow your practice gradually, while keeping overheads low. Emdee delivers a stream of new patients to your practice without you spending a cent on marketing.

  • Opt in as your schedule allows to consult with new patients matched to your clinical expertise

  • Start generating additional revenues through virtual consultations and new patient referrals

  • Get new referrals from people not in your traditional catchment area

  • Slot in telemedicine to maximize your productivity

Provide your best care

Designed by doctors, for doctors, Emdee makes it easier for you to do your best work.

  • Reduce the time to make a diagnosis, and treat more effectively.

  • Improve engagement with patients for better outcomes.

  • Provide calibrated attention to those with chronic conditions.

  • Get a quick virtual assessment to determine how urgently a patient needs to be seen.

Access from any device

Smartphones, tablets or computers, doctors may see their patients on their preferred device.

  • An i-phone app – can be download from the App Store for free

  • An Android app – can be download from the Google Play Store for free

  • Access from a computer

How it works

Set your schedule ahead of time

Edit your availability at any time to "Available Now" when you're ready to see patients
Create a "Favorite Patient List" to see them through the app